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A Slow Road To A Park View

The Park View Condominiums have been rising for almost two years now. I have been watching the construction as it seems to move ever so slow. Even at this point getting a perspective of what it is going to look like is difficult. It still isn’t at a point where I can decide if it is a good looking building or a giant monstrosity that should never have been allowed to be next to Congress Park.

Park View's West Side Facing Broadway

Park View's West Side Facing Broadway

Sonny Bonacio has an incredible but sometimes spotty record for his building design. I’m not really sure who the architect is, but he often uses Olsen Architects for such large projects.

On this day I couldn’t get close enough to look at the details of material, but it seems they are using soap stone on the front facade, but that is just a guess.

Soapstone Facade or Slate?

Soapstone Facade or Slate?

The North side of the building, which will look out over Congress Park and also have a birds eye view of Broadway. If these are the most valuable living spaces, why does it seem they are the last to be finished. Are sales slow? Are the most valuable apartments still available?

North Views from Condominiums

North View Side Of Building

I’m waiting for the day I can write how much I like the final product.