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Visiting Burghard is hard to find

According to the Chamber of Commerce, Matthew Burghard is listed as a graphic designer in Saratoga Springs. He works in his home office, on the far west side of town. Matts list of services include video, animation, print design and websites. 

I went to his website at http://www.mattburghard.com and saw a lot of video work, nothing else. Not a word about him, his services or his company. Then I clicked on one of his animations and it crashed my computer. Other than he is a member of the chamber I have not heard of Matt at all. Talking with people in the community I haven’t heard of a job he has done in the city of Saratoga Springs. Therefore I am stuck with what is on his site. 

I will assuming a few things from my experiences at his site. He must be a freelance worker, who has a steady group of clients who need his services on a regular basis. His website clearly says – I’m talented at what I do – but he finds no need to tell you what that may be, or how he can help you with any of your needs. There is no visible graphic design work, only animation and video. My assumption is, he is probably known within the video profession as a animation guy, and they know what he does, so there is no reason to explain it to the average person looking for design work. 

None of his work is related to Saratoga Springs, it is all national work that a person working from their home would not have as their own client. A larger company is feeding that work to him. As far as I can tell, his design or animation has no visible effect on Saratoga Springs.

Here is his Website Homepage, that is all I will show.


Matt Burghard Home Page

Matt Burghard Home Page