About Culture Compass

Saratoga Springs is a city which revolves around human creation, including old and new architecture, the posters hanging in store windows, retail store interiors, and menus at local restaurants. They are all open for review.

This blog is about design, architecture and cultural features in and around Saratoga Springs NY. I created it for fun, not social commentary. It will never be mean spirited or political in nature. Very rarely will I mention a person or an organization by name unless it is in the context of esthetics.

Culture Compass is specifically about the city of Saratoga Springs, NY.  I won’t include any commentary on national chains – even if they eventually take over the city. If it is created within the city or for the city, I will try to comment on it.


One response to “About Culture Compass

  1. Michael Huber

    Hello. I wonder if you’re interested in contributing to a new blog we launched last week. Here’s the URL: blog.timesunion.com/saratogasprings

    I want to find good writers willing and able to join forces to write a group blog. It’s a collaborative effort that needs to include a cross-section of Saratoga people, young, old, business, residents, academics, professional.

    Let’s talk soon. Please call when you have a few minutes.

    Interactive Audience Manager
    timesunion.com, Albany NY
    (518) 454-5069

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