Palio, I Can’t Get There From Here

The New Palio Website

I’m trapped, and I can’t get out. Worst of all I know that I’m stuck in a marketing companies website and they seem to be in control. I’ve already answered some questions about myself and I don’t know what they intend to do with it, luckily I lied about everything. But I’m unable to move, I see doorways but I can’t get to them. I also see text on the prison walls, but I can’t read it because it’s to far away. The back button doesn’t work because the site is built entirely in Flash. Please, someone help me.

Please Help Me Get Out of Here

Please Help Me Get Out of Here

There is also classic art trapped with me, in this case the Mona Lisa. She keeps starring at me no matter where I go, very strange. But fear not, I believe these are other people viewing the site, who show up as Avitars that have logged in. Again, I don’t know why or for what purpose. All I came here for was to find out what palio does.

The Mona Lisa is Trapped With Me

The Mona Lisa is Trapped With Me

Then I notice an instruction sheet on how to navigate the website. STOP.

If you need an instruction sheet on how to navigate a website, you might just stop and ask yourself, is this a good navigation system. I’m still shaking my head at this entire debacle of a site.

Video On a Website - Very Techie

Don't Shoot, it Is Not Worth It!

The Palio website is a total do over, there is very little you can save with this one. Get rid of the 1998 technology and let your clients know you are capable of building modern online communications.

Palio Communications threw away the rule book on building this website. They are the largest and most professional marketing and communications firm in the area, and I am a fan of their work, but they must be held to a higher standard than a local retail store. Did someone read Flash for Dummies and decide to build this site? The rule book of web navigation was written for a reason, and your not cool if you break them all.

How does something like this happen? I believe the point of the site is to explain what Palio actually means, and relate that to the services they provide to their audience. I spent a day coming up with that explanation, because I was in a confused state for twelve hours after my virtual kidnapping and imprisonment.

See for yourself at


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