Good First Impressions

The Impressions Logo Design

The Impressions Logo Design

Impressions does a lot of things correctly in the retail business. They have an eclectic offering available for sale, the layout is great, and their branding is really interesting. I don’t think it is great, but they use it really well. The typography is old school from the eighties, but the illustration is kind of unique. As a whole it tells a story about what the store’s philosophy.

There is a rustic theme throughout the store, and it begins with their sign.

Impressions Store Sign on Broadway Saratoga Springs

Impressions Store Sign on Broadway Saratoga Springs

They can also be campy and funny.

Impressions Likes Humans Also

Impressions Likes Humans Also

I’m not going to rank them, but they have one of the better retail set ups on all of Broadway.


One response to “Good First Impressions

  1. Thanks for the mention! Love that Google Alert! We appreciate your comments and Larry Ambrosino did this logo for us too. We wanted to update our old logo and incorporate our dog and horse into it, but keep the rustic feel. Like many small businesses, it’s a labor of love. We struggle to get it all done and do the best we can. Would love any suggestions and feedback to make us better.

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