The Professor Hangs at Cantina

Professor Moriarty now sits quietly at the bar of Cantina Mexican Restaurant. He is all cleaned up and looking much better than the days before he sold out to Jeff Aimes. The whole new identity is based on a screaming dragon. I tried to find the reasoning behind the the artwork, but my online research into Mexican art was of no help, it is just a cool icon.

Cantina Logo Design

Cantina Logo Design

The interior design isn’t much different than Moriarty’s used to be except that it is clean and bright. The warm colors are used sparingly and not in your face. This allows the limited Latin design to fit nicely into the downtown Saratoga ambiance. Their website is well done and sets the tone for what your experience will be. It contains great photography and nice design. This is a testimate that if you have both, you will have a nice site.

Cantina Restaurant Homepage

Cantina Restaurant Homepage

I wonder if it was a local firm that did the design work? Good job Cantina.


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