Picture Shows On Broadway

The Times Union Published this view of a Broadway Movie Theater Concept. It is proposed by a private firm. It is a brick building with interesting windows. It seems the private firm envisions it located in the parking lot next to the Algonquin Building- see upper left side of image. It has no unique features, it is what I would consider a “B” building. This means on it’s own it doesn’t make a statement, but it would lend support to making the Algonquin Building look even better. It would enhance the surrounding architecture to be better as a whole.

I’m glad it is a concept, and if it ever actually happens, lets hope for once the final product can be as good or better.

Cinema Proposal on Broadway in Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs Cinema Proposal on Broadway


One response to “Picture Shows On Broadway

  1. hey I have moved up to a “B” with you. Thats an improvement! This was our concept that we put to the city to respond to the RFP. We have not been selected. No thoughts about finally getting a first run theater back downtown? Whats the Culture Compass on that? Good/bad?? If selected will be spending much time with all the land use boards, this was a concept. If you have a design that YOU have come up with and want to drop off to my office we will submit it with our proposal but please keep in mind that you have to put your name to it for all to comment on. Not as easy as it sounds. Do enjoy your blog, interesting and allot of your material is well written. keep up the good work.

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