Saving Sixty Six

There has been lot of news coverage spent on an old building located just off Franklin Square. It seems that it will be a fight to the bitter end whether 66 Franklin Street will be saved or not. The sometimes overzealous Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation is determined to save the old structure, while the owner, Joseph Boff, is wagering he can tear it down.

66 Franklin Should Be Saved

66 Franklin Should Be Saved

The question each side will ask: is building worth saving? And each will give a different answer.

Here are a series of question that should be asked
1. Is the building relevant to Saratoga Spring history?
2. Is the architecture of such distinction that it carries special value?
3. Is there enough of the architecture still existing to have it remain of historical value?
4. Was the architect prominent in the development of Saratoga Springs
I believe the answer is yes on all counts.

Of course Mr. Boff will present a cost analysis of the building and lot value compared to rehab costs. But this is not a valid, because Mr. Boff bought the building already knowing the answer. He purchased it knowing this information, his intent was to try and knock it down. This is a fight that he believed he would win before he made the transaction.

Mr. Boff rebuilt the Crafters Gallery Building, and did an incredible job. Yet he seems to have fallen short on this project. Since he knew what the cost would be, and if he loses his gamble, he should have to pay the cost.


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