Is Everyone In This Wurld a Winner?

Shop Wurld is a new Website that allows a person to shop online and donate at the same time. It is pyramid type of business model, where you sign up under an individual and they get a portion of your proceeds along with their sponsor and so on. Since the company is located and designed in Saratoga Springs, I thought that I would post about the design.


the ShopWurld design was created by MWH Design, while the development was done by Web Valve, both are located at 480 Broadway in Saratoga Springs. I know very little about either company, but I would bet they are one and the same. MWH seems to be the real deal and I’m sure that I will write something up on them soon.

The design of ShopWurld is nice and professional, easy to navigate, and sells the product in a quiet way. Even the text is well written. This raises my curiosity about both of these two companies. See for yourself

This is only a design review, it doesn’t mean I recommending ShopWurld.


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