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I truly believe that online media is the most important form of communication at this time. It has surpassed print, radio, and even TV. Most of the information found on a  daily basis is reached through the web. I think it’s important to include some of the bigger web development companies in the mix.

Two partners started Mountain Media,  James Curley and Scott Fultz. Both began as musicians, and followed a natural progression to web development. You may think I am joking, but is true that musicians are quite analytical people to tend to follow a technical path in life. The exception being Keith Richards.

The Mountain Media Logo is Half Code, Half M

The Mountain Media Logo is Half Code, Half M

Mountain Media is not about design, they are about search engine optimization and sales. They have been in web development for over ten years. If you are looking for warm and fuzzy, this is not the place to come. Their clients are people who want to sell their products and manage their work. If you aren’t showing up on the front page of Google, Mountain Media will write a mountain of copy, stick it on the front page until you do.

Very few of their websites are much different from each other. Not that they are all bad, but they certainly are not a design firm. Now don’t get me wrong, they do exactly what they say they will do. This is a company that advises people on how to drive people to your site, not to enjoy it once they get there.

commercial Rubber Mats Homepage

commercial Rubber Mats Homepage

One of the most disappointing sites that I saw in their web gallery is the L’Esperance Tile Works. Here is a company that sells art tile and the site looks about as accomplished as the Rubber Mat website above. This client creates works of art out of tile, and the only product on the homepage is a one inch square tile in the upper left.

L'Esperance Tile Works Home page

L'Esperance Tile Works Homepage

Now as far as L’Esperance Tile is concerned, if they sells a lot of tiles then its fine with them. This site may work, but it still looks like hell.

Mountain Media brings employment and technology jobs to Saratoga Springs. They run a tight ship and do exactly what they promise. But here is where that business model fails, the Wesley Health Care site should convey wamth and a secure feeling about a great home for your parents later years. This particular site could also sells car parts, dog collars, or chainsaws if you change the images.

Wesley Health Care Home Page

Wesley Health Care Home Page

There are web development companies that cross the bridge to good design, and great search engine optimization. Since Mountain Media is one of the largest web companies in the city, I had to address their design skills in this blog. If you are looking for a website that addresses any kind of emotion at all you may want to look a little farther.


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  1. Wow that was certainly passionate and apparently on point criticism, and of course the Keith Richards reference was a nice little comedic break.

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