Visual Elements Unseen

Maria Miller created Visual Element around 1997. I don’t believe she has an office, and most likely works from her house. This is a business model that many designers in the area seem to like. It is affordable, it helps them keep their personal life in tact, and most have no real plans to grow beyond their own personal employment.

This has no reflection on the quality of any work produced. In fact it only defines how they control who their clientele will be. 

My research has found very little about this business. Her clients are not mentioned on her website, and her portfolio seems to be hibernating – nothing to be seen. Yet through conversations with local business people, I have discovered that her/their work seems to revolve around magazine design. Many of the glossy local publications like SARATOGA LIVING  seems to be her niche. 

What is her role in the Saratoga design seen? It is hard to tell, I have heard she has a loyal following but it is hard to find any information about her business, her current roster customers must keep her busy or she would advertise a bit more. Her actual address is not even mentioned on her website, just a phone number. If your looking for a bunch of logos, brochure work, or my analysis of her work, there will be none. Just this image of her home page.

The Home Page of Visual Element

Lots of Dots On The Home Page of Visual Element


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