The Future of Media is Interactive

If your looking for a company that can do almost anything online, from websites, animation, games, and video, all with a sense of humor, this could be your ticket. 

Future Media was started by Colin Baird in the early nineties. Yes that was caveman time if your counting in web years. They are located in the old Elks Building on 75 Woodlawn Avenue.

Back in 1993 Web development was really a geek process, mostly engineers playing around with code. The first generation web developers have moved onto other jobs or cease to exist anymore. Future Media has not only stayed in business, but has flourished in the process. Unlike System1, who was the original hot web development company in Saratoga Springs, who went down in flames about eight years ago, Colin has guided his company into the next generation of web development. This type of maneuver took forethought and some sort of business acumen to guide the company through such fast changing times. 

The Future Media Logo Design

The Future Media Logo Design

This has left Future Media doing some of the most complex web development in the area. Integrating Video, imagery, animations and database information into an interactive format. Naturally that type of work comes at a cost. When costs are that high, you work with large companies, and their typical clients are Japanese electronic firms. Really, that seems to be it. If you look at their portfolio they show other projects, but it certainly can’t be consistent work for them.

Here are some Toshiba stills from the Regza site at


Toshiba Regza Web Site

Toshiba Regza Web Site

Toshiba Regza Website Homepage

Toshiba Regza Website Homepage

The Albany AdClub is the only local website that I could find that they completed. You can find it at


The Albany Ad Club Home Page

The Albany Ad Club Home Page

So here we have another Saratoga Springs firm that has little bearing on the Saratoga Design world. Companies like this really like the lifestyle and environment of working in Saratoga Springs but they certainly are not supported by the businesses in the area.

Future Media has really good designers as well as developers. My advice is to walk into a downtown retail store and offer to create a free webstore for them. In exchange they could get a free pair of trousers.


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