Imagine That Marketing & Communications

Two smart Guys. One guy worked here, and that guy worked there. Each were to smart to work anywhere. So they started to work together. Success came quickly to their new venture. After a decade of working with each other, they became to smart to work with each other. That is the story of how Imagine That Marketing and Communications was born.

Andrew Shanley left a fairly successful ad agency in the Albany area to start up a new firm in the heart of Saratoga Springs. They are a quiet company located in the historic Franklin Square area. I don’t believe they have more than five or six people working there, but you can’t be sure, since their website has no information on the staff. They are apparently capable of doing everything from strategy, creative, brand development, to integrated advertising campaigns. Each employee has decades of experience.

Lets start with the name. I can see the self promotion pieces stating how you can have a company that not only does this and that, but this also … Imagine That – picture a person imagining. It allows you to say any Random thought followed by Imagine That… and it will sound profound. Imagine That…

Their identity design is bright and corporate, a mixture of Wizard of Oz and Microsoft.

Imagine That Marketing Logo and Branding Elements

Imagine That Marketing Logo and Branding Elements

Most of their work is not local, and focuses on the Healthcare and Educational Institutions. I never heard of this organization before my research. It is an interesting story for sure, so I feel compelled to call them the quiet company. Imagine That…

Since they do such a broad variety of work I assume they focus on larger organizations that need every marketing solution. Colleges and Hospitals are their niche, although their website seems to include a lot of work for the NYS Department of Education. This blog of course only cares about what impact they have on the city of Saratoga Springs.

One local education client is Skidmore. 

Skidmore College Cards

Skidmore College Cards

I’m having a hard time understanding the size of these playing cards, are they giant size or normal card size. They seem nice, I would love to get my hands on a pack to see if they are real playing cards or printed for souvenir purposes only.

Here is a really nice logo for the Saratoga Vein Center. Yes, it is a creepy topic, but the logo is nice.

Saratoga Vein Center Logo

Saratoga Vein Center Logo

As far as digital media goes they seem to have created quite a bit. Here is a website they designed for a semi local company 6N and it is quite nice. I believe they may have designed the logo also. I also included a brochure they created as part of an integrated campaign.

The 6N Website homepage

The 6N Website homepage

6N Brochure Design

6N Brochure Design

Now I’m not complaining but isn’t the business card a similar to the Imagine That Identity with the colored stripes on the top right. Imagine That…

They have also done some work for the Waldorf School. It is either a bad reproduction or a very brightly colored cover that is hard to distinguish any detail of the faces.

The Saratoga Springs Waldorf School Brochure

The Saratoga Springs Waldorf School Brochure

They can do what they claim to do. According to the Albany Ad Club they have won a few awards for their work. They seem to understand branding, consistency, and they tend to love bright colors.

I was quite surprised I had never heard of them before. The fact that they have an office in the city of Saratoga Springs, doesn’t actually make them a Saratoga design firm. They have very little impact on the visuals that you see anywhere in town. A lot of business have nothing to do with communities they work in.

Personally, I think they should walk into a downtown coffee shop and offer to design their complete identity – logo, signage and interior signs for free. Imagine That…


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