Shannon Rose to Where

If you judge a company by how long they have been in business, Shannon-Rose Design should be the largest company in the design industry. They claim to have been in business for over fifteen years, building a company that services small businesses and multinational companies. You hear this a lot.

Shannon-Rose Design Logo

Shannon-Rose Design Logo

Initially their offices were on Broadway, but now are located several block up near the corner of Church and Clinton. Looking at the office, it would be nice if they moved the garbage cans away from the front door. Odd that I should have to mention this.

Through the years, they have morphed from a typesetting house, pre-press house, design studio, and now apparently a web development studio. The website – – which is quite nice by the way, states that they currently have only 4 employees. I believe they have more than that.

Shannon-Rose Design Homepage

Shannon-Rose Design Homepage

So where does this company stand in the graphic design seen in Saratoga Springs. They seem to be a regional design firm, staying within the Lake Placid to Albany NY area. Shannon-Rose holds a unique place in the city, since they are not huge like Palio or just a one or two person shop, they are an odd size. I will focus on some of their local work.

Menges and Curtis seems to use Shannon-Rose for their work. They did the logo and packaging for some product they probably just stick their name on. The design is nice and is very consistent in style to what you would expect a store like Menges & Curtis should sell. They did a nice job of forming an identity for the pharmacy.

The Menges & Curtis Logo Design

The Menges & Curtis Logo Design

Of course you don’t see the logo much at the store itself. Just on the packaging of their cream.

Packaging For Menges & Curtis Products

Packaging For Menges & Curtis Products

I have seen this identity carried out on the Website and the local weekly Saratoga Today. I don’t know if Shannon-Rose Design did the ads, but they do continue the design even though it is only a black and white ad.  In conclusion, most local business have quite bad packaging, but Shannon-Rose did a pretty nice job for Menges & Curtis.

Another local client is Saratoga Performing Arts Center. I had to stumble on this one by finding their name at the bottom of the site. The site is well designed and but there is a lot of stuff. It is well organized, but they seem to want to do to many things at once.

Saratoga Performing Arts Center Home Page

Saratoga Performing Arts Center Home Page

I don’t know if Shannon-Rose Did the logo, but I hope not. One of the interesting things, but also one of the more confusing, is the rolling calendar halfway down the page. This is pretty complicated stuff to build, and I wonder if they actually did it themselves. 

SPAC Rolling Calendar

SPAC Rolling Calendar

Still the main calendar is where things really come together. it includes a full calendar, music, video, and all the information on each performer than you could ask for. Things move, and shuffle, but not in a bad way, you can still find you way around. The website is a very interesting attempt to do a lot of things in a very usable way. Overall it is a good website but for an arts venue, the SPAC website is almost phenomenal. I actually went and looked at other musical venues to see.

So where does that put Shannon-Rose in the Saratoga Springs design world? There isn’t a lot of local work on their site, so it is hard to tell the extent of it. But, I have heard their name related to a lot of design work locally.


2 responses to “Shannon Rose to Where

  1. Hi. I’m the marketing director at SPAC and Shannon Rose did *not* design the logo and they did build the calendar tool in-house–a huge project that took them only 2 months to do (starting from concept to launch). Grateful for the feedback. -Shane

  2. Shannon Rose designed the logo and all packaging and promotional materials for our line of Menges & Curtis Apothecary Essentials skin care. They also designed our ads and website. We have been very happy with the work they have done.

    To clarify, our pharmacists developed the creams over 30 years ago and all our products are now manufactured for us from our original formulas.

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