Rolling a Stogie on Broadway

Since I’m supposed to be writing about the culture of Saratoga Springs, not just people who create it, I thought I would add another post about a local cigar shop design. This will help make it less of a gossip style update.

When I was a kid no matter what sporting event I attended, the smell of cigars wafted throughout the entire area. This included high school football and the Saratoga Race Track, and I have rather fond memories of that smell. Today there is only one place you get an aroma like that, and it is located at the corner of Broadway and Phila Streets. 

One of the best designed retail stores on Broadway is the cigar shop at that corner. This location has been many things over the years, including a magazine store, gift shop and clothing store, but it was born to be a cigar shop. The door alone says come on in and have a smoke. Recently the name changed but that was all. I don’t know if it is a new owner or a partnership change.

The original Park Lane Tobacco window

The original Park Lane Tobacco window

The original name was Park Lane Tobacconist and the logo was two shifty characters smoking in an oval. It wasn’t great, but it fit well into the overall design. Who ever designed it knows a few rules about how to create logo. Check out the old style lighting fixtures, they are perfect with the overall store design. Even if they came with the building, the interior designer chose to keep them and they deserve credit for that decision. 

Park Lane Logo

Park Lane Logo

The new company is James and Sons Tobacconists. President Grant must be a client because I’m pretty sure thats him sitting in the chair. 


James & Sons Tobacconists logo

James & Sons Tobacconists logo


The perfect cigar shop

The perfect cigar shop


James & Sons Tobacconists window

The sign in the window is neon lighting similar to the previous one that was there. I think this store is my favorite building on the entire commercial area of Broadway in Saratoga Springs. Congratulations to the owners who created it.


One response to “Rolling a Stogie on Broadway

  1. I believe that you are correct – that is Grant sitting there enjoying a cigar.

    Have your been inside the store recently to check out the way it is decorated? There are two bank vaults inside that have been turned into private humidor locker storage. Very cool.

    I love the way that the owners have made the space their own, all while retaining the real charm and style of the building.

    Their website if you are interested is

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