Lis Design is Broadway

Elisa Sheehan is Lis Design. She moved to Saratoga Springs from Boston and set up shop as a small design firm. At one point I believe she had an office on Broadway, but her website notes she is working on a residential street. She probably moved into a home office. 

Lis Desgns Home Page

Lis Designs Home Page

She immediately made a place for herself in the downtown district doing logos and brochures. Lis Design has a real nice style that is hard to dislike. Elisa works well with type, but not at the same level as Larry Ambrosino. To continually work with downtown organizations her pricing structure must be affordable.

I don’t know all of her clientele, but what I can tell from her website most are small businesses and individuals. She even has a category for invitations, which must be completed with a lot of hand work. No printer would take the time to create these little miniature works of art.

There are a lot of individuals working as designers out of their home, but the quality varies, Liz Design is professional and consistent. I don’t think she is looking to become a bigger organization, just create nice professional work for the small retail and service oriented businesses. One of the weak points is that her work has a similar feel to it. Soft colors, traditional type faces, and no particular strategy on the marketing end. She is more a graphic designer than a marketing person. 

Lis Designs has had quite an effect on the Saratoga Springs esthetic. Working with numerous business that downtown visitors walk by every day. One of the most impressive would be N.Fox’s new logo. It is quite modern and well designed. A nice update from their old logo, which was also nice, but this is truly unique.


The new N.Fox logo

Other work includes Franklin Squares Lily of Saratoga. She did a beautiful illustration with her trademark pastel type colors.

Lilly of Saratoga logo design

Lily of Saratoga logo design

I don’t believe that Lis does web development, but she has done some nice website design. Hatties Chicken Shack.

Hatties Chicken Shack

Hatties Chicken Shack

The Spire Restoration logo is really nice work. Simple design, great typework and of course nice colors.

Spire Restoration logo

Spire Restoration logo

The Grey Gelding logo is probably her weakest of the bunch. I’m not impressed by the artwork or the text. 

Grey Gelding Logo

Grey Gelding Logo

The website is actually great and does a good job of hiding the logo into the colorful background.

Grey Gelding Homepage

Grey Gelding Homepage

So here is a small design firm, apparently a one person firm working out of her house, that has made quite an impact on the look and feel of Downtown Saratoga Springs. As a small business Lis Design is not an economic engine  to the city, but in the long term, she may have a local legacy larger than Palio Communications.


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