I Wish I Could Make a Funny Headline Out of BALZER, HODGE, TUCK ARCHITECTURE PLLC Architects

Balzer Hodge Tuck Architecture, pllc is a firm located on broadway in Saratoga Springs that is making an impact on the city landscape.  I have never really heard of the this company before, but lately they have become the architect of choice in several Sonny Bonacio buidlings. The best that I can come up with is that they have been around for less that three years. Partners are Brett Balzer, Gabriel Hodge and Michael Tuck, and they don’t like people knowing much about them. Their website only shows the work they do, there is nothing to find out about the firm besides their names.

Balzer Hodge Tuck Architecture logo

Balzer Hodge Tuck Architecture logo

One of the first buildings that I took note of was on the corner of East and Excelsior Avenues. It is a great building and completely fits the surroundings. It is outside the downtown area and located in a semi industrial areal. It actually looks as though it could be a hundred year old barn that had been updated for modern office use. I am very curious about what input Sonny Bonnacio has on the design of his buildings.


Just down the road on High Rock are the row houses across form the Van Rault Mill building. Again, Balzer Hodge Tuck Architecture chose a great design style for these buildings. This building is closer to broadway than the 92 East Ave, so they blended a brownstone look with large front steps, to extend an urban feel further to the border of the city. 

The Row Houses on High Rock

The Row Houses on High Rock

Here is a modern rendition of row houses, but losing most of the ornamentation that the originals had.  

From the row houses, just drive down high rock another one hundred yards, and you will see quite the impressive house on the hill. This is a local realtors home. The architects again did a great job building a new home or guest house, or what ever it is on the East Ave hill.  The addition goes quite well with the original home located behind it. The fact that it is on a hillside makes it look absolutely huge. 


Residential Home on East Avenue

They also designed the 60,000 square ft. monstrosity on Meadowbrook Road. They certainly must have some reputation to get this job, I doubt the owner thought he would take a risk and hire an unknown.


And Finally their newest Saratoga job is the 18 Division Street Building which I have already reviewed – nice building, wrong location. 


It appears that Balzer, Hodge, Tuck Architects are the golden child of building design at the moment. Due to their current relationships and the skill of their building design, I would expect them to continue to have some measurable effect on the buildings of Saratoga Spring.


One response to “I Wish I Could Make a Funny Headline Out of BALZER, HODGE, TUCK ARCHITECTURE PLLC Architects

  1. Mr. Pearson,

    I was surprised to read your comments about The Lofts at 18 Division Street. I agree with you that BHT has produced some nice architecture in Saratoga Springs however you give them credit for designing buildings designed by other architects. Although this project appears on BHT’s website, please be advised that Olsen Associates Architects is the sole architect for this project. Please give me a call and I would be glad to discuss our firm with you.

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