Just Plain Bad

Saratoga Springs has very few real dance clubs anymore. Years ago you had a choice of the Metro, Sneaky Pete’s, and the Newberry’s Dance Club. Now we are down to one, the remnants of what was the Newberry. A few years ago it was turned into a cave decor and re-named the Grotto. 


The Old Grotto Logo

Now this logo was no work of art, especially if you are a high end night club. It was badly done, but it was still memorable because it had a thingy to the left of the G. I don’t know what it was or why it is there, but it is something I could grasp onto. 

But the logo wasn’t hip enough for the cave atmosphere. It needed something trendy like Brush Script. It needed that – I did it myself with the software that came with my computer look.


Club 388 logo

This is as bad as it gets, there is no skill in the development of this logo, just software that allows you to create it. It doesn’t say this is a classy, or sophisticated place to meet people. It doesn’t say underground or counterculture, just cheap.


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