The Urban Culture

Visitor Center Sign

Have you ever spent any time looking at some of the signage that the City of Saratoga Springs maintains? There is a certain style with the city signs which includes dark paint, blue grey backgrounds, and gold lettering. The city does a nice job of maintaining these signs, but some have gained some character over time. If you look at the Visitors Center sign on Broadway, age is starting to catch up with it.


Old Visitor Center Sign on Broadway

Old Visitor Center Sign on Broadway

Notice how the paint has faded to a pale slate color. All the steel supports have lost their paint and started to get a little rust on them. At this point it is just character, not in need of major of repair. 

Besides the faded paint, the design is classic for a victorian downtown. It fits in well with the muted colors and the gold trim. The Urban Cultural Park is no longer in existence and has been replaced by the Saratoga Springs Heritage Area Visitor Center. They must have paid for this sign at one point. If they ever update this sign, that text will probably be elimated. 

Visitor Center springs icon

The fountain on the very top is a nice little design feature. I’m surprised that the spring type graphic isn’t used throughout in the city. It says a lot about our history, yet the horse seems to be the favorite in that category. If you have a business that starts with the letter M – this is could be nice symbol.


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