Fresh Flowers on Church

Flowerchild Floral Design is a new shop in the Adirondack Trust Building on Church Street. There are 3 retail enterprises on the the ground floor of the building, and Flowerchild is the largest. Flower shops in general should have great branding, because they sell flowers! People generally like flowers. But if you look at floral retailers in town, most have no real identity over the other (except Sunflowers). Flowerchild did little to help the situation.


Flowerchild logo design

Flowerchild logo design



Above you see the logo, complete with an illustration of flowers. I do like the font, interesting, legible and unique. But I don’t get the illustration. Is that a great floral arrangement? Is the shadow there to make the text hard to read? I would recommend getting rid of the illustration and use the type only.

The window sign, was probably created by a local sign company who made some bad choices. The red text in unreadable against the dark window.

The basket shadow is the most prominent object in the window. I don’t know who’s decision it was to choose the colors, but in a retail environment, it seems to be a big mistake.

The inside of the store lacks color. Most of the colorful flowers are in the cooler, and the rest of the interior is pale in color. This includes a lot of dried flowers. Everything is well arranged and neat. It is a nice start for a new business.

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2 responses to “Fresh Flowers on Church

  1. I agree that their presentation needs work. I passed by with my Mother and she commented that it was the most depressing florist she’d ever seen. I think their first problem as far as street appeal is the heavily tinted windows and I don’t know how they could solve that.

  2. Nice blog. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work. cheers 🙂

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