Banners on Broadway

The city of Saratoga Springs is in charge of hanging the street banners on Broadway. I love looking at them from a design perspective and to identify the point they are trying to convey. Earlier this summer I saw several banners that I liked including, The Racino, Saratoga Polo, and Saratoga Performing Arts Center.


The whole design of Racino banner, including the logo is quite nice. I will discuss the logo in another entry though. Overall it is a great look that gives it some class that their billboards obviously lack.


Saratoga Polo banner on Broadway

Saratoga Polo banner on Broadway

The Saratoga Polo Banner gives great prestige to the polo grounds. This is some really nice branding for that organization. Simple with a touch of old school class.


SPAC ballet banner

SPAC ballet banner

The Saratoga Performing arts banner is nice, but there is a lot going on. The graphic and words make things confusing, but SPAC used a simple typeface that works with the large graphic. The banner material really makes a difference in this case, the vinyl is quite stiff and not very natural. Organizations should try and have these printed on some sort of cloth material instead. I’ll find a brand name to use in a future blog.

This Fall I am seeing a lot marketing for breast cancer awareness. Saratoga is no exception. Saratoga Imaging Center has hung up their effort to support the cause.


Saratoga Imaging Center Banner

Saratoga Imaging Center Banner

Probably the coolest banner is for Saratoga Rowing Association. It was wrapped around the post so I passed on the photo.

I’ll will keep up with future street banner artwork.


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