Adirondack Trust


My first entry is going to be the overall design of one of Saratoga’s keystone companies, the Adirondack Trust Company. I’m not sure who does their work but I believe it is a design studio in the city limits. The reason they are first is because the design is so well done. Their typography is excellent, very complex, and still easy to read. 

I’m not a fontographer, but I think it is Garamond, which is so traditional that most of us get it for free when we buy a computer. There a a few versions of this logo including an unstacked version that isn’t quite as good.

The agency also uses very consistent design features. I like big areas of color and simple design, but that is just my personal opinion. On the design below, the message is very clear and you know immediately this is an ad for Adirondack Trust.


Point. Click. Connect

Point. Click. Connect

I can’t say that anything is overly original in their ads, just well done, and consistent. This allows the viewer to recognize the brand before seeing the logo.

They do have one major inconsistency, and that would be the website. The only recognizable feature would be the logo on top. 


I’m not an expert on web design but there is a lot going on here. They tried to place everything on the homepage. I guess that helps in google searches. I’m not making excuses for them, but I’m sure that a bank website is quite difficult to develop.

I thought that I would start out with the Adirondack Trust since it is a keystone for Saratoga business development. It owns some great buildings, and rents space to new startup businesses. The next posts will branch out to the buildings and the businesses that they help support. 

I hope you enjoyed the first Saratoga Springs Culture Compass entry.


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